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Da Lat, or Dalat is the capital of Lâm Đồng Province in Vietnam. The city is located 1,500 m (4,900 ft) above sea level on the Langbiang Plateau in the southern parts of the Central Highlands (in Vietnamese, Tây Nguyên). In Vietnam, Đà Lạt is a popular tourist destination.

Đà Lạt's specific sights are pine wood (forming the name: "City of thousands of pine trees") with twisting roads and tree marigold blossom in the winter. The city's temperate weather stands in contrast to Vietnam's otherwise tropical climate. Mist covering the valleys almost year-round leads to its name "City of eternal spring."


The architecture of Đà Lạt is dominated by the style of the French colonization period. Da Lat Railway Station, built in 1938, was designed in the Art Deco architectural style by French architects ...

Da Lat Climate

Da Lat's year-round temperate weather, standing in contrast to Vietnam's otherwise tropical climate, has led it to be nicknamed the "City of eternal spring".The average temperature is 18°C - ...

Da Lat Geography and Topography

Located in the south of the Western Highland at an average altitude of 800 to 2000 meters and a natural area of  9,765 sq. kilometers, Lamdong spreads over three plateaus and is the headstream of  ...

Da Lat History

During the 1890s, explorers in the area (including the noted bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin, protégé of the renowned French chemist Louis Pasteur), which was then part of the French territory of ...