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Catholic Church

Located on Tran Phu Street, near Novotel Hotel, this is the largest church in the City, also called the Cathedral, with a folk-name of Cock Church because of a big cock at the top of its steeple. The cathedral was built from 1931 to 1942, one of the most typical and oldest architectural works in Da Lat, 47 meters high. At such height, its steeple may be seen from many places in the city. The upper part of its wall were fixed 70 panels of color glass, embodying a hallmark in the architecture of European churches in the Middle Ages.

Catholic Church is normally called another name “Cock Church” because it has a big chicken shape on the top of the jingle tower of the building with purpose of reminding, awakening and repenting everyone. The church was built in 1931 to 1942 with 65m height, 14m width and 47m height of jingle tower.

Now Catholic Church is still the most typical and ancient construction in Dalat. From the top of the building, visitors can gaze with veneration scene of the city. The main door of the church is to the Lanbiang mountain direction. Its mainsard roof was decorated by 70 colourful French glass, creating the fanciful and typical construction of European Middle Age Church.

On Chritmas day, Catholic Church is an attracted place for religion or non-religion tourists participating the ceremony. Phero Nguyen Van Nhon is now Catholic Church’s bishop.
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