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Dankia Lake- Golden Spring

It is famous interesting place in Dalat, away 12km from the city centre in the North. Dankia lake gold river is like a young lady in her teenager lies on vast green pine hills. In 1893, Doctor A. Yersin had been astonished at the natural beauty of the impressive mountain on Lang Bing plateau and then he had an idea of establishing a resort centre on the plateau and gave birth to Dalat city.

The Gold River lake consist of two lakes: Dankia and Ankroet which can hold 21 million cubes of water to provide water for the two hydroelectric plants and running water for Dalat people.

Below Dankia lake there is a very beautiful waterfall called The seven step waterfall. Here there is the hydroelectric plant Ankroet, the first plant that was built in Vietnam in 1943 and it is still operated now. In 2002, Denmark gave help to renovate the Dankia water plant and Dalat has the highest rate of people having clear water (80 percent), the rate of escaping water is also the smallest in Vietnam (below 20 percent).
If the project of a general tourist sight of the country with a capital of over 370 million dollars began, the name of Gold River will really be “the white gold zone of the Western Highlands”. According to the plan, there will be a second Dalat city with high-standard houses and villas, special entertainment centers such as golf court, horse races...and an international casino.

There will be an auto route from Lien Khuong airport to the fast of Prenn pass in order to take Singaporean visitors and visitors from South-East Asia to spend their weekends at Gold River, Dankia...In 2002 Dalat accomplished the renovation, the repairation of the road from Tung Lam, Cam Ly airport to Gold River lake to server the need of sightseeing tourists.
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