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Datanla Waterfall

Away from the city centre about 5km (on the way to Prenn waterfall), it cost about 7000 dongs to go from the city centre to the waterfall by motor-bike. The waterfall is pretty deep, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to walk from the top to the bottom. According to a legend, the waterfall had a deep cave hidden in the forest so it was one of the shelter of a troop of local inhabitant in the war with the Chams; thanHotel  to this waterfall the troop can reside an pressure their force.

Therefore, the minorities call it Datanla which means water under the leaves, eater under the stone.

According to a legend of the minorities, Datanla was the place where the brave man K’Lang and the mountainous lady Ho Biang met each other. Here the man had a fight with fierce wild animals including snakes, 7 wolves and 2 foxes. This legend wrote: “trees are blown down, wind roars, the fight is absolutely violent. Lang pulls out his knife and chops down the tow snakes, takes out arrows and shoots at the wolves and the foxes which run away...The trees falling down make deep holes which make a death canyon at the bottom of the waterfall, and then Datanla became the meeting place of two lovers”

Up the waterfall, there are green pine tree forests which are a hundred years old and flat blocHotel  of stones. The Death Canyon is also the place for visitors to feel adventurous in the cliff climbing game, which means climbing up and down the cliff with sting.
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