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Elephant Waterfall

 It is in Lien Dam commune, Di Linh district, 80km from Dalat and 25km from Bao Loc, next to the National road No. 20,  Po Pla waterfall (which means the head of an elephant tusk in K’Ho language) and pronounces as Bobla in Vietnamese, and it is also called Lien Dan Waterfall.

The waterfall lies between 2 hills which have the shapes of 2 elephants kneeling and it is like a cave with house, coffee plantations around, below the waterfall there is a small lake made by water flowing for a long time, beside the lake there is a big block of stone that look like a stone table of the heaven and around there are big old trees.

A very long time ago, when the cham ruled Di Linh, they forced the inhabitant to pay taxes in products of the forest such as tusHotel  of rhinoceroses, deer...And especially elephant tusHotel . They chose big elephant tusHotel  only, and the chief of the tribe at the waterfall had found a pair of elephant tusHotel  which were higher than a person, a horse could not jump over them. Then, the cham king was so happy, called that place Po Pla and the waterfall was also called Po Pla. The name Lien Dam was transformed from Liang dan-the name of a good youth man who had saved the villages of Liang Trak Mur from cham invaders.

One time when the chams broke into the village, all villagers ran away, except for Liang Dam, who picked a branch of a tree on the waterfall and pointed branch to the enemy; as the branch broke the chams hurt themselves. When all the chams had disappeared, Liang silently went to the waterfall and vanished, the villagers couldn’t come in time to show their gratitude. So the villagers named their tribe Liang Dan.
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