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Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery

Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery, Dalat is a popular attraction of the place. The city of Dalat gets lot of visitors all round the year and in the recent past it has developed into a very popular tourist destination. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Dalat and all the popular sites are worth paying a visit by the travelers coming here. The city has got very good communication facilities and all the places can be accessed very comfortably from any corner of the city. 

Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery, Dalat is a must visit place for the travelers coming here. The days spent in this beautiful city of Vietnam will always be remembered by the tourists.

Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery, Dalat is nicknamed as ''crazy house'' by the local people. Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery in Dalat is located to the south of the Xuan Huong Lake. Ms. Dang Viet Nga is the owner of the place and she is also an architect, who designed the entire structure.There are cave sitting rooms inside the building.

Apart from the sitting rooms there is also a giraffe tea room, giant spider webs which are made of wire. There are also towering fish heads that contain the guest rooms. Anyone can stay back in these guest houses. There are plenty of cozy nooks and crannies as well which the visitors can come across while moving along the helter-skelter stairways and hallways. There are sitting rooms along with desks, coffee tables and chairs, which the guests can find in the crannies and the cozy nooks.

The guests will have to pay a very little admission fee for admission to the place. Then the visitors can enjoy the beautiful setting of the entire building which is built with lot of style and elegance. At times the owner is also present to attend the guests. There are some beautiful galleries inside the building. The visit to this place will turn out to be a memorable experience for all.
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