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Prenn Waterfall

Prenn Waterfall is situated right at the foot of Prenn Pass, 10 kilometers from the center of Dalat city. According to the language of Cham people, Prenn means “the land of invasion”. From Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat, tourists must go through Prenn Passs which is 10 kilometers long. This waterfall looks like a water-curtain pouring from 10 meters high down to a small valley which is surrounded by lots of flowers and pine hill.

Prenn was the border after these fights (from Prenn to Don Duong, Phan Rang it was the land of the K’Ho and the Ma). The waterfall is 8m high, it falls from the high rock above, so standing at the bottom of the waterfall and looking up, it is like the waterfall down from the sky and saigon people call it Tien Sa (rain drops from the sky).

From 1998 till now, Prenn has been strongly interested so it has been popular sight. In the waterfall surrounding, there is a traditional bridge, a pool for crocodiles, and some wildlife such as bears, crocodiles and rubber dinghies. From the Tet holidays in 2003, there was Au Lac temple for visitors to have a visit and pray. Prenn waterfall sight has a well-known food, that is fish soup. The fish is boneless, cooked with rice, served with mustard which make an unforgettable taste for visitor. For only 160,000dongs, 4 to 6 people can enjoy a fish soup course beside the waterfall.
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