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Flower fanatics prepare for Da Lat festival

Thirty flower businesses will showcase their blossoms in the streets of Da Lat in early January, 2010. In bloom: Da Lat, which is famous for growing a variety of flowers, is an attractive destination for many foreign and domestic visitors. Bui Van Sang, the owner of one of Da Lat’s most well-known tourist sites, the Valley of Peaches, and the son of late Da Lat flower artisan Muoi Loi who devoted his whole life to flowers, said his farm is preparing 100 peach trees to be displayed around Da Lat’s Xuan Huong Lake during the 2010 Flower Festival to be held in the city on January 1-4.

Sang is among hundreds of flower-growers that will join 30 flower business firms in showing off their flowers at the festival which is the first of a series held to welcome the millennial anniversary of capital Ha Noi, said Truong Van Thu, deputy chairman of the Lam Dong People’s Committee, at a recent press briefing in Ha Noi.

"The festival will be different this year. Instead of the flowers being displayed solely inside the city as previously, the displays will be expanded along the 25km from Lien Khuong Airport to the city centre and there will be flower roads, flower scenes and a flower park in the town centre," said Thu, who is also head of the festival Organising Board.

Flowers will occupy 4,000sq.m around Xuan Huong Lake. On the other side of the lake, the 9,500sq.m Bich Cau Islet will display 10,000 vases full of flowers, 150 ornamental trees and 100 hanging flower trellises created by Da Lat artisans, Thu said. He added that the flowers will predominantly be European species and include 200 cherry and apricot trees and 10 flower beds with mimosa, roses, carnations, hortesia and forget-me-nots along Tran Hung Dao Road.

"Flowers will be naturally displayed on all the city streets, pavements, government offices and homes," Thu said.
Vu Hoang, general director of the programme told Viet Nam News that visitors will be met by flowers where-ever they are.

 He said although the flower festival will be taking place later in the season than previously, it will remain otherwise unchanged, bar a few improvements.

Surrounding Xuan Huong Lake will be scenes that highlight the uniqueness of Da Lat, the city of flowers. During the four-day festival there will also be flower markets and flower and ornamental tree exhibits.

This will be Da Lat’s third flower festival. The first was in 2005 and the second in 2007.

At earlier events, there were ‘flower parades’ of vehicles decked in flowers passing down the streets. Xuan Huong Lake Park will remain an open space but Ho Tung Mau and Tran Quoc Toan roads will become roads of flowers. The Da Lat flower market, the second of its kind, will take place from January 2-4, with more than 70 flower sellers along Nguyen Thai Hoc Road, and the flowers will be sold at reasonable prices, said Hoang.

On December 31, there will be a flower arranging contest along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Road, an activity to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Ha Noi. One thousand people will join hands to create a record-breaking flower vase with a simulated bronze drum face.

Newly-wed couple Hoang Giang and Thuy Vinh said they’ve made plans to join other couples in visiting Da Lat to enjoy Da Lat – A Lover’s Rendezvous which promises to be a night of candles and roses on New Year’s Eve.

Couples can also ride tandem bicycle on January 2 when a group of 100 tandem bicycles is set to ride along Da Lat’s streets. The couples will have the chance to join in a number of community-oriented games. Prizes will be given to couples who win the tandem bike race around Xuan Huong Lake.
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Source : VNS
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