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New record for international visitors to Viet Nam

In 2008, international visitors to Viet Nam reached a record of nearly 4.236 million arrivals; however, a new record of Viet Nam tourism has been set when the international visitors exceeded 4.6 million arrivals in 11 months in 2010. According to the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam, international visitors to Viet Nam in November, 2010 estimated 428,300 arrivals, down 2.7% compared to October 2010 but increasing by 16.2% over the same period last year. The total international arrivals in 11 months in 2010 reached 4.6 million arrivals, up 1.23 million (representing a 36.5% growth) in compared to the same period last year.

Over the same period in 2009, of this, those for travel and recreation posted more than 2.85 million, increasing by 42.3%; those for business was 932,500, up 39.3%; those for visiting relatives was 520,200, up 10.7%; and visitors with other purposes was 295,800, up 31.0%.

The General Statistics Office of Viet Nam also reported that in 11 months of 2010 the number of foreign arrivals to Viet Nam from most countries and territories increased sharply compared to the same period last year, some of them rose significantly such as visitors from Cambodia with the highest growth of 99.9%, followed by visitors from China increased 76.7%, Thailand up 42.6%, Korea increased 38.0%, Australia up 31.0%, Malaysia rose 29.1%, Taiwan up 25.0%, Japan up 22.8%, France increased 15.5%, U.S. up 7.8%.

International visitors to Viet Nam increased sharply over the last 11 months has brought about the amount of foreign currency earnings from international visitors also increased notably and reached a new record. In 2009, due to the impact of financial crisis and the world economic slowdown, the foreign currency earnings decreased to USD 3.05 billion, down nearly USD 1 billion compared to 2008. However, the estimated foreign currency amounts of 2010 may exceed USD 4.6 billion.
There are many reasons of international arrivals to Viet Nam increased and reached a new record in 2010, including the objective and subjective factors.

Objectively, the influence of the world economy was the first mention. In 2009, the world economy and finance falling into recession made the inbound tourism somewhat limited. In 2010, the economy is restored, people's income also improved considerably.

On the other hand, 2010 has been the year marking many importance cultural, political and social events of Viet Nam, which attracted the attention of people in the world and the region. The most remarkable that must be mention is the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Ha Noi held in October. International visitors to Viet Nam in only October estimated 440,071 arrivals, increasing by 99.3% over the same period in 2009.

Also, in 2010 there are other notable events such as ASEAN year with many conferences which Viet Nam as a president; and Viet Nam also hosts some major cultural events such as: Miss Viet Nam World, Miss Earth or the ASEAN Football Cup (AFF Cup)... All these events are opportunities to introduce and promote the country and people of Viet Nam to international visitors.

Apart from the objective causes mentioned above are some subjective reasons such as the open innovation policies of Viet Nam, especially in tourism; the initiative and creativity of the central and local tourism authorities; the dynamics of tourism-related businesses; the friendly and hospitality of Viet Nam people and land. In addition, Viet Nam also attracts people with its landscapes and age-old cultural historical relics...
Updated : 07-12-2010 22:31:03
Source : VNS
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