Da Lat's "Vang Wine"

Da Lat's "Vang Wine" and "Can Wine" is not only simply a kind of drink but also the specialities - the spiritual quintessence of the foggy land. The most famous brand is "Vang Da Lat" ("vang" means dinner wine). Appearing from 1999, Vang Da Lat has quickly become the favourite drink and gift of plenty of people."Vang" is a kind of mild wine that is extracted from fresh fruits; the popular fruits used are grapes and plum. Though, "Vang Da Lat" is processed from mulberry.

The mulberry trees used in making wine are different from the kind that people often use to raise silkworm. These mulberry trees have lots of fruits which are black and twisted like small bunches of grapes. And this type of mulberry is only suitable for places with cold climate.

The wine is fermented from typical kinds of fruits. After being processed by both traditional recipe and modern technique, "vang wine" comes out with delicious and fragrant flavour and health-caring functions. They often appear on the banquets and family dinners of many people around the country.

Da Lat inhabitants like vang wine very much since it helps keep the body warm in the cold and foggy weather all the year. Gradually, vang wine is thought of as an integral traditional speciality of each family in Da Lat during the Tet holidays and spring time.
According to a number of Da Lat residents, the profession of producing vang wine is not the monopoly of anyone, but it now becomes popular as many people living in Da Lat know how to make vang wine. The difference is at distillation process. A person who is experienced and skillful can bring us fragrant and delicious wine which can be stored for long without preserving efforts. In contrast, the unskilled and inexpert will make less tasty wine which is too sweet or too tart and even may suffer "tourner", the situation in which the wine's colour is changed while the colour has very important meaning in producing good wine.

Besides "vang wine", Da Lat has another special drink called "can wine", the wine drunk out of a jar through pipes, of the compatriots of Tay Nguyen ethnic group. The flavour of "can wine" is not less tasty than any other kinds of famous wine. Coming to Da Lat, you will have a chance to enjoy "can wine" with the inhabitants of Tay Nguyen commune during the nights of "gong and drum festival" organised by travel agents in Da Lat. In that warm and cosy atmosphere, bowls full of "can wine" will be brought to all people to enjoy the taste of the mountainous area together.
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