Fruits in Dalat Vietnam

Visitors to Da Lat can buy the local products characteristically of this highland city. Every season has its fruits, but mainly in the summer. The local peach is gently sweet, truly to the freshness and gentleness of Da Lat. In Mid-Autumn, peaches are plentiful in the market with their bright color, apple persimmon and egg persimmon are crisp and very sweet.

After the season of fresh persimmon, we have dried persimmons even crisper and sweeter than the fresh ones.

Da Lat strawberry is popular nationwide, may be eaten fresh or used as juice. Smoothly green avocado well blended with sugar or condensed milk will give its specific greasy taste no other fruits can offer.

Trai Ham plum is a familiar name in the locality. A large number of plum trees were grown in the region of Trai Ham before and, atpresent, despite remaining few, they are still present in the market for tourists to buy home as gifts. Although it looks like Ha Noi plum, Da Lat plum has its own flavor and taste.
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