Nightlife in Dalat

Nightlife in Dalat is what you can look forward to on tours to Dalat. Dalat Nightlife provides you with loads of fun and excitement. Nightlife in Dalat is as attention-grabbing as the beautiful and pleasant nature of Dalat. During the night time tourists can enjoy partying and relaxing at the various nightclubs. Therefore Dalat is worth visiting at night.

Nightlife in Dalat is spectacular, as the entire city becomes very active and is full of life. During this time of the night, the city is crowded with lot of people. For the party animals there are some really splendid nightclubs and bars. You can also enjoy some delicious and interesting food in the restaurants in Dalat. Sweet corns, sea food, grilled chicken, grilled sotong, beans and hot soya milk drinks are some of the popular food items sold in the night market in Dalat.

Some of the well-known nightclubs in Dalat which can make your Nightlife in Dalat more exciting and interesting are:-

  • Larry's Bar --- It is located inside the Sofitel Dalat Palace. It is one of the famous restaurants in Dalat. This bar will provide you with a very comfortable and relaxed ambience. Larry's Bar is named after Larry Hillblom, who is an American adventurer and entrepreneur. He is the one who transformed this bar into one of the well rated bars in Dalat. This bar remains open to the public from 4 in the evening till 12 at night.
  • Le Rabelais Piano Bar --- It is also situated inside the Sofitel Dalat Palace. You will appreciate the atmosphere inside the Le Rabelais Piano Bar, which is very quite, warm and comfortable. This bar opens at 4 pm in the evening and remains open till 10 at night.
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