Shopping in Dalat

Shopping in Dalat is a great experience for the tourists who are fond of shopping while on tour. Shopping in Dalat is quite economic and the items purchased are quite useful. As far as the handicrafts are concerned, there aren't a lot of varieties to be purchased as the place is not very much visited by the foreign tourists. The main people who come over here are the local travelers and the honeymooners.

Dalat on the other hand is famous for the beautifully crafted silk embroidered pictures which can be purchased from the galleries around Dalat.The pictures can be also purchased from the central market of Dalat

There is also a huge vegetable and fruit market from where fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased.

Natural silk products are the best items for shopping in Dalat. Many companies are there who employ the best craftsmen, designers and embroiderers and seamstresses in the country for this trade.

The stuff that are produced are of very good quality. Even if the tourist does not have the required budget for purchasing high quality and gigantic products they still can purchase embroidered screens and wall paintings at a cheaper price. Traditional handbags, blouses, scarves and slippers made by Vietnamese women are also purchased by travelers. Besides these other type of merchandise are also available in different shops and markets.

The other affordable items on sale are the embroidered silk, short handbags and clothing of different varieties. Wall, paintings and silk screens of different designs and color are also displayed in shops.There are many shops in Dalat which sell local wines of various varieties, luscious strawberries and local sweets. The sweets have a unique taste.

Dalat is also known for its jewelry. Many jewelry shops can be found in the market which sell hand made jewelry as well as gold and silver jewelry.
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