Getting to Dalat

Getting to Dalat is quite easy for the tourists who want to venture out on Dalat Tours. The city of Dalat is situated in the south Central highlands of Vietnam and there are various ways with the assistance of which the tourists can reach there. The history of the city dates back to the year 1912 and over the years the transportation system of the place has gradually developed.

The tourists can arrive in the city by various ways of transportation and some of them are as follows:

By air: The travelers can reach the city of Dalat by plane to the Dalat Airport which is also referred to as the Lien Khoung Airport. The premier airlines which operates its flights over there is the Vietnam Airlines which goes to the different cities of Hanoi and Saigon to name a few. The countries of Singapore and Thailand are also connected to the airport and passengers can arrive on board Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines.

By bus: The operation of buses from various parts of Dalat is also quite good. The long distance bus service comes to the city from the capital of Hanoi. The bus services also come here from the other parts of Vietnam. The journey from Ho Chi Min city to Dalat takes a period of seven hours. If the guests decide to come from Nha Trang the journey will take four hours at the most.

By car: The city of Dalat is also accessible by car. The national highway transportation of Vietnam connects the city from the other important parts of the country. The highway has been built recently and the cars can come to the city quite fast.

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